Young Leaders 2016

Training Programme

Young Leaders


Date: 17.–20.10.2016

Kerschensteiner Kolleg am Deutschen Museum
Museumsinsel 1, 80538 München, Munich, Germany

European Museum Leadership Programme

A training programme for young museums and cultural professionals aspiring to become leaders in their sector and drive forward necessary change.

Young Leaders 2016_Call for Applications

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This is what Young Leader 2015 participants are saying:

I’m still processing my thoughts and experiences but I can say that I have come into work this morning with a fresh perspective and renewed energy. I feel I have learned a lot from the programme and am keen to put it into action. You organised a fantastic programme and I really appreciate the opportunity to learn from your expertise, and that of the other participants”
Oliver Moore, Learning Programme Development Officer, (UK)

“I’ll never forget these very interesting four days in Munich. I came to work today with many ideas and a lot of enthusiasm. Congratulations on your work, the programme was very good and the participants you gathered for the programme were all very nice and able people. Dinners, talks, walks, wine tasting … all this was wonderful”
Jana Babšek, director, Tržic Museum, Slovenia

Programme Abstract

Society is changing rapidly which not only has implications for the public role of museums but also affects the way we experience and see museums as part of our cultural framework. As a result far-reaching changes to the museum sector are a necessity to make sure museums stay relevant to society. New museum models are developing which are open, communicative, innovative, creative, as well as entrepreneurial and strike the balance between the necessary collecting and preserving aspect of heritage work and the engagement of the public, not only as consumers but as active participants.

This also means we have to rethink how our museums are managed and operated and what kind of leadership skills we need to develop. Leadership can play a role at many different levels in museums. It is not just the director at the top of the institution who can motivate staff, we also need visionary leaders who have a creative ambition to share their enthusiasm and inspire staff at all levels.

In a series of sessions this programme will introduce young European museums professionals to the complex concept of self-, team- and institutional leadership helping them to explore their own competencies and leadership skills through self-reflection, discussions and group activities. International guest speakers and the leadership programme team will present best practice models and case studies. During the sessions participants will also have the opportunity to discuss the challenges in their own organisations.

Aims and Objectives

The main aim of this introductory training programme is to broaden the way we think about leading an institution and to explore our own leadership potential in all its facets, with the notion that we have to share responsibilities to be able to best co-create robust and flexible cultural organisations that meet the needs of a changing society.

Further objectives are to:

  • Explore one’s own leadership competencies and skills as a means of developing a personalized professional learning agenda
  • Strengthen leadership and management skills
  • Exchange experiences and lessons learnt
  • Develop new ways of thinking and provide a direction for the future
  • Facilitate networking and stimulate conversations in a peer group setting
  • Establish an international network of young cultural leaders

Who is it for?

This training programme is for young museums and cultural professionals who have either recently been appointed to a management post (director or head of a department) of a museum or a cultural institution or who are aspiring to become leaders in their institutions.
Applicants should be under the age of 45.

Our Philosophy

‘Leadership is not something you learn but you grow into.’

The Young Leaders programme is not about offering a hand book of how to become a successful leader it is rather a professional development initiative that allows for personal growth and reflection of your own leadership potential.

Set Up

The programme is an intensive 4-day course which brings together young museums and heritage professionals from all over Europe (and beyond).

  • Full-board accommodation (whole group stays together)
  • Mix of experts’ inputs, discussions and workshops
  • Evening after-dinner talks
  • Small team of international experts

The programme has already gained an international reputation as a high quality event that makes a difference to people. After the successful launch of the pilot course in Ribnica in 2014, which was funded by the Culture Ministry of Slovenia, the course is being hold for the second time at the Kerschensteiner Kolleg in Munich (Deutsches Museum), however locations will change from year to year.

Introduction to Leadership – Programme Overview:     

  • The fundamentals of leadership and museums management
  • Leadership styles and values
  • Leadership competencies and tools
  • Knowing yourself as a leader (personal assessment, exploring your leadership style)
  • Leadership perspectives
  • Teambuilding exercise
  • Mindfulness based stress reduction

KulturAgenda Leadership Team    

  • Jeff Beeson, director Entheos, Munich (US/GER)
  • Marilyn Scott, director The Lightbox, Woking (UK)
  • Christian Waltl, director KulturAgenda, Klagenfurt (AT) and
  • Invited guest speakers



850 € plus 290 € full-board accommodation

Limited spaces (18 – 20 maximum);
Venue: Kerschensteiner Kolleg, Deutsches Museum, Munich
Travel to and from Munich needs to be arranged individually.

Funding Opportunities and Bursaries

KulturAgenda is offering two bursaries of 450 EUR to assist candidates who have problems raising the full amount of the programme fee.
Please do contact us if you would like to know more about any of these opportunities!