salon kulturvermittlung

In March 2012, salon kulturvermittlung was created as virtual space for discussions and as a store for relevant documents, bibliography and links.

Initiated by Gabriele Stöger und Eva Kolm and funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture during the first year, salon kulturvermittlung provided a forum for the research on the conceptual background and theoretical foundations of cultural mediation in Austria. The position of 15 authors served as preliminary for a symposium entitled “Theorien-Thé” (antiquated for a “tea party disputing theories”), which took place in March at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in real space and was documented online.

Inputs to the forum so far contribute to questions on methods, cultural policy standards, and references to different branches of science (pedagogy, psychology, sociology, philosophy etc.), which feed into the practice of arts and cultural mediation. Please feel free to comment all available articles online.

Linking to KulturAgenda now provides the opportunity to carry on with the discussions and to extend the debate to other subjects. salon kulturvermittlung is open for your visit at any time. Stroll along, browse or read, feel inspired to make a comment or to write an article.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Gabriele Stöger