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PLEASE be aware that all workshops have a maximum capacity number. Once this number is reached you need to register for an alternative workshop which might be your second or third choice.

You can only choose one workshop on Friday afternoon!

Please note that the Emotion LAB on Saturday with Lisa Baxter is a concurrent event with Session 5!

Friday, April 5 (concurrent workshops)

Registration Audience Research Forum
Are you interested in visitor research? Join your colleagues for an opportunity to find research partners, ask questions, share interesting studies and build your network, in this session led by Dr. John Falk of the Institute for Learning Innovation, and a global leader in learning research.

Registration Workshop 1
Empathy building through emotions – Museums harbor some of the most important ingredients of empathy-building, such as providing a safe space for dialogue, storytelling, experiential learning, and contemplation. Two senior exhibition and experience designers along with an art historian, explore and demonstrate how empathy-building might look like in a museum setting.
Orna Cohen, Chief Creative Officer, Dialogue Social Enterprise (DE)
Elif Gokcigdem, Author & Founder, Empathy-Building Through Museums Initiative (US)
Thomas Rockwell, Creative Director, Exploratorium (US)

Registration Workshop 2
The Emotional Power of a First Impression: Designing the Museum Arrival Experience
Planning and design for museums often focuses on what happens inside galleries. But research tells us a visitor’s emotional state impacts their ability to learn. Presenters from PGAV Destinations will share case studies from projects to illustrate key principles of arrival design. Participants will engage in interactive roundtable exercises to apply the principles to real world conditions in museums or other cultural attractions.
Diane Lochner, VP PGAV Destinations
Senior Planner and Designer, Project Manager and registered Architect (US)
Tom Owen, VP PGAV Destinations
Senior Experience Planner and Designer, Creative Leader (US)

Registration Workshop 3
Visitor Experience Mapping – the Jewish Museum Berlin is in an ongoing process of trying out tools and methods to make the visitors emotions easier to work with for the different museum teams. Presenting three case studies Christiane Birkert will take participants through a practical, hands-on, how to session on the ups and downs of mapping visitors’ emotions and using them in concept development processes.
Christiane Birkert is Head of Visitor Experience & Research at the Jewish Museum Berlin (DE).

Registration Workshop 4
The importance of training front of house staff – In the workshop participants explore the audience journey of John Falk’s five museum visitor identities and how front-of-house staff can improve their interactions. Participants define how the identities can be detected at the museum entrance and what can be done to enrich the individual learning experiences. Participants will be equipped with practical solutions and new ideas for their daily work.
Irene Knava is founder and owner of Audiencing (AT).

Registration Workshop 5
Theatre – more than a stage – actors are playing and the audience is consuming? Wrong! It is a mutual relation between stage and spectators. But around the show how can theatre create an emotional connection to the audience? And how can it manage to become a place of encounter that goes beyond the visit of a performance?
Katharina Wenzel, Deutsches Theater Berlin (DE)
Friedericke Busch, Deutsches Theater Berlin (DE)

Saturday, April 6

Registration Emotion LAB
An exploratory, experiential exercise in emotional tuning-in and design.
Designed  to underpin some of the  conference themes  through personal embodiment , inter-personal dynamics and creative thinking.
Lisa Baxter, The Experience Business (UK)
Philippe Brasseur (BE)