Workshop 1 – Empathy Building through Emotions (Elif Gokcidem, Orna Chohen & Thomas Rockwell)

Workshop description: Empathy, our ability to feel like another, is a skill that can be nurtured towards caring mindsets and compassionate actions. Museums harbor some of the most important ingredients of empathy-building, such as providing a safe space for dialogue, storytelling, experiential learning, and contemplation. Two senior exhibition and experience designers along with an art historian, explore and demonstrate how empathy-building might look like in a museum setting. Each will provide a brief overview of their work, and will facilitate a participatory experience for the audience, simulating three scenarios in empathy-building: through an immersive dialogue experience (Orna Cohen, Chief Creative Officer, Dialogue Social Enterprise), through an art object (Elif Gokcigdem, Author & Founder, Empathy-Building Through Museums Initiative), and through social inquiry (Tom Rockwell, Creative Director at the Exploratorium in San Francisco).

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