Workshop 3 – The Happy, the Interested, the Angry and the Bored (Christiane Birkert)

There are a wide range of publications and discussions on the role of emotions for human decision making and learning. Though all this research is often overlooked when it comes to exhibition planning and development, because museums (and also designers and architects) have little knowledge on how to capture relevant emotional visitor experience data and how to implement it in an exhibition project or in programming.

Designing a new interactive or exhibition space, visitor journeys can help to get a closer look on how your visitors are going to interact with your displays or services what they expect from them and – how they feel about them. Such mapping isn’t meant to dictate emotions, it is rather a tool for creating cross-department conversation and a shared vision on the visitor experience.

The Jewish Museum Berlin is in an ongoing process of trying out tools and methods to make the visitors emotions easier to work with for the different museum teams. Presenting three case studies I will take participants through a practical, hands-on, how to session on the ups and downs of mapping visitors’ emotions and using them in concept development processes.

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