Feedback from Young Leaders

This is what Young Leaders 2017 are saying:

“Glad that I had no idea about the activities, as I would have been sceptical. Element of surprise was key. Wasn’t expecting to laugh until I cried on so many occasions and made friends”.

“I didn’t know much of the programme, I came with open mind and was only positively surprised!”

“The programme exceeded my expectations and I had high hopes!”

This is what Young Leaders 2016 are saying:

The programme exceeded my expectations. Not only do i now feel more empowered and knowledgeable I also made networks and friends. The facilitation of Jeff and Christian was incredibly supportive. It allowed us to speak freely, ask questions and build trust within the group ”

“The programme had made me realise how important it is to periodically get the space to reflect on my behaviours and personal development. If it hadn’t been for this course I may have taken a new job out of sheer frustration. Now I feel I have the patience and confidence to wait for a better opportunity”

This is what Young Leader 2015 are saying:

I’m still processing my thoughts and experiences but I can say that I have come into work this morning with a fresh perspective and renewed energy. I feel I have learned a lot from the programme and am keen to put it into action. You organised a fantastic programme and I really appreciate the opportunity to learn from your expertise, and that of the other participants”
Oliver Moore, Learning Programme Development Officer, (UK)

“I’ll never forget these very interesting four days in Munich. I came to work today with many ideas and a lot of enthusiasm. Congratulations on your work, the programme was very good and the participants you gathered for the programme were all very nice and able people. Dinners, talks, walks, wine tasting … all this was wonderful”
Jana Babšek, director, Tržic Museum, Slovenia