Connected Audience Dialogue

The Connected Audience Dialogue at the end of the conference with Pat Munro and Jeff Beeson brings together all thoughts, models, ideas, critical remarks and experiences of the last two days. It will provide a platform for the collective wisdom of the conference to emerge.

In preparation for the design of the dialogue, interviews with all the keynote speakers and panel coordinators have been undertaken to inspire the dialogue’s design. During the conversation rounds, insights from the conference will be collectively discussed by the participants. This is not only an opportunity to share your learnings and insights with others but also to listen deeply for the new emerging wisdom from the entirety of the Connected Audience Conference experience.



Patricia Munro

After receiving a BA in Humanities from Swarthmore College (Pennsylvania, USA), Patricia Munro was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in Latin America. She continued her studies at George Washington University (Washington, DC) where she received her MA with a concentration in Management.  Patricia is an alumna of INSEAD’s Social Entrepreneurship Programme (Fontainebleau, France). Her book “Wegweiser Evaluation” presents a stakeholder-driven approach to impact assessment. Patricia is a co-founder and board member of World Café Europe. Her know-how as a facilitator has been used for strategic planning meetings, presentations, speeches and conferences throughout Europe and abroad.

Jeff Beeson, Chief Elignment Enabler, Ensemble Enabler

Jeffrey Beeson received a MBA from the Wharton School of Business, an MA in International Leadership from the Lauder Institute (Philadelphia, USA) and a BA in Economics from Haverford College. After his experience as a Senior Strategy Consultant with McKinsey and Bain & Company, he founded Ensemble Enabler. As a European-based consulting practice, Ensemble Enabler engages all major stakeholders who by collaborating with one another find innovative solutions for a company’s key business issues.  He is a founding Board Member of World Café Europe and served as Senior Vice president for External Affairs / Board Member of the International Leadership Association (ILA).