Call for Case Study Presentations

Call for Case Study Presentations

The Connected Audience conference brings together experts and practitioners from the museum and culture sector from around the world to share and debate cutting-edge thinking and innovative practice in audience research and development. The main goal is to explore how audience research can support museums and other cultural institutions in gaining a greater understanding of their audiences to increase participation and engagement.

We are looking for papers from professionals at museums and other cultural institutions who are using audience research and evaluation to inform their museum practice and forward strategies.

Equally we would like to invite researchers and practitioners to present audience development projects or research projects on target groups which can be shared and discussed with our delegates.

We expect innovative case studies focusing mainly on individual audience needs or target group models and want to hear about your experiences and the processes and how the collected results are used to help shape the whole organisation.

The 15-minute presentations should also address questions like:

  • What was the aim of the project?
  • What were the main challenges and problems in the process?
  • To what extent were results used and implemented?
  • How was the success/failure measured?

Please forward an abstract of not more than 250 words and a CV (half a page) to:

Deadline is: April 18th, 2017

The conference panel will select 6 to 8 papers. Successful candidates must be committed to attend the whole conference and may be eligible for a travel bursary.

Please note that all papers must be presented in English. For selected papers a written paper (or power point presentation) is to be emailed to the conference coordinator at least 4 weeks before the start of the conference.