KulturAgenda – Institute for Museums, Cultural Enterprises and Audiences – is based in Klagenfurt and Vienna, Austria, and has an international focus. We aim to encourage professional development and initiate in-depth critical analyses and debates in the museums and cultural sector.

We deal primarily with business and organisational aspects of cultural institutions and their audiences and provide training, research and networking opportunities in the field of cultural leadership, audience development, organisational culture, museums management and strategic planning as well as market and audience research.

KulturAgenda helps to strengthen cultural institutions in their integrity, financial independence, programme innovation, quality assurance and community relations. Tailored training programmes assist employees of cultural institutions in their professional development activities.

In times of austerity and cuts in budgets and subsidies the Institute also aims to explore and develop new ways and methods of efficient project and financial management. We foster exchanges of ideas and experiences, and highlight the importance of sustainability, business acumen and community relevance to cultural institutions.

The Institute mainly focuses on:

  • Business aspects of cultural institutions with all their challenges
  • Cultural leadership
  • Museum and quality
  • Evaluation and audience research

We do this by focusing on the exchange of experiences and sharing know-how via:

  • Studies and research papers
  • Conferences and symposia
  • Excursions
  • Professional development activities (seminars, workshops etc.)
  • Publications

KulturAgenda is developing its programmes and projects with international cooperation partners such as universities, public and private museums and cultural institutions, cultural societies and other stakeholders, as well as network partners.

Lively networks are key in the functioning of the Institute. Our staff and partners are closely linked with each other in our virtual office. Our programmes take place throughout Europe, with English as the principal languages used in communication. The key target groups are public and private institutions from the cultural, heritage and museums sector.

Our operations are very transparent and culturally sensitive. We follow the ICOM code of ethics, are politically neutral and commit ourselves to constructive criticism and debate on relevant issues in cultural politics.