From “KulturAgenda – Network for Cultural Projects” to “KulturAgenda – Institute for Museums, Cultural Enterprises and Audiences”

In 2007, three professional cultural advisors, Renate Goebl, Claudia Haas und Christian Waltl, got together to form KulturAgenda – Network for Cultural Projects with the aim of planning and implementing cultural projects from conception to evaluation for cultural institutions and their governance.

After working together as cultural advisor over several years, it became clear to Goebl and Waltl that to professionalise cultural institutions in a sustainable way it required a different set-up.  They felt that there where huge gaps in the European professional development sector and limited networking opportunities.

At the end of 2012 they therefore decided to establish the KulturAgenda Institute with an international alignment and a commitment to share knowledge and experiences. The proven network approach remained: All programmes will be devised and implemented together with international co-operation partners.