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Connected Audience Conference 2017 – Documents and Materials

 Day 1 – Thursday, 14. September Documents and Materials
Welcome & Introduction
Christian Waltl (AT), KulturAgenda
Sasha Palmquist (US), Institute for Learning Innovation
Peter Keller (DE), Director General, ICOM
Key Note: Oona Strathern (IE)
What does an increasingly individualised society mean for cultural institutions?
Oona Strathern (PDF)
170914-02-oona_strathern (Audio)
Get connected – Sharing Stories
Mela Maresch (AT) & Kersten Kloser (AT)
 Day 2 – Friday, 15. September
Open Forum
Reflections from the day before – Lisa Baxter and David Anderson in discussion with participants
Key Note: David Anderson
Towards Cultural Democracy
170915-connected_audience (Audio):

David Anderson PDF
Paul digi story_David Anderson (Video)

Case study presentations – Session 1
Marge Ainsley, Emma Parsons (UK), Towards an audience focus
Luisa Masserani (BR), A visitor study that help explainers
Vienna Presentation Emma Parsons Marge Ainsley (PDF)

Luisa Massarani (PDF)

Case Study Session 1 (Audio):

Case study presentations – Session 2
Luise Reitstätter (AT), Easy-to-read. Hard to Follow?
Charlie Trautmann (US), Grow your museum’s impact by (really) listening to your audience
Luise Reitstaetter (PDF)

Trautmann Connected Audiences 2017-09-16b (PDF presented by Pat Munro)

Case Study Session 2

Key Note: Lisa Baxter (UK)
Experience Design and Strategic Value Creation
Lisa Baxter presentation (PDF)

Lynn Dierking (US) in conversation with David Anderson (UK) Elisabeth Menasse-Wiesbauer (AT), Matthias Beitl (AT)
Connected Audience Exchange
On-site visits in small groups – Wiener Konzerthaus, ZOOM Children’s Museum, Austrian Museum of Architecture, Imperial Furniture Collection
Evening Reception
Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art
 Day 3 – Saturday, 16. September
Open Forum
Reflections from the day beforeCase study presentations – Session 3
Anna Elfers, Carlijn Diesfeldt (NL), Making public: audience research in public art projects
Vera Almanritter (DE), Attracting diverse audiences
Anna Elffers & Carlijn Diesfeldt (PDF)


PPT_Allmanritter_Attracting-diverse-audiences_16.09.17v2 (PDF)

Case study presentations – Session 4
Ryan Auster (US), Collaboration for Ongoing Visitor Experience Studies (COVES)
Dimitra Christidou (NO), Visitracker: A Tool for Visitor Studies
Ryan Auster Connected Audience (PDF)
Dimitra Christidou
Wendy Jo Coones’s (AT) & Lynn Dierking’s observations
Connected Audience Dialogue with Patricia Munro and Jeff Beeson (DE)
This brings together all thoughts, models, ideas, critical remarks and experiences of the last two days to try and formalise in a dialogical framework the role of cultural institutions and how they can create meaningful experience for the audiences of today and tomorrow
 Other Materials
Personas Workshop AzW_Personas-Theory (PDF)
AzW_Personas-Workshop (PDF)

Personas WS_2 (PDF)
Personas Architekturzentrum Wien

Poster presentations Deborah wassermann VOICES for Connected Community Conference 20170911 (PDF)

J.Müller M.Hampe_Mission impossible_Connected Audience2017 (PDF)

Poster_v4_final_specht (PDF)

Phelan_2017_PosterConnectedAudience (PDF)


 John Falk (US) Falk Connected Audiences 2017 v2 (PDF)
7 Modalities of Well-Being Related Needs- Falk (PDF)

The Connected Audience Conference 2017, Vienna

Conference Programm

Registration & Booking

The conference is part-funded by the Federal Chancellary of Austria

and sponsored by

Abstract: The role of museums and cultural institutions in society has changed and is becoming increasingly more visitor focused. Successful institutions need to be open spaces and partner with multiple organisations and initiatives to support learning, social development and growth in a changing world. However, there is still a long way to go to ensure an audience focused perspective within the culture sector and for this approach to be considered as a key strategic element of an institution’s culture. It is vital that museums and cultural institutions know their audiences (and non-audiences). This knowledge will enable them to come up with effective strategies to connect with diverse audiences while also addressing the audiences’ individual needs and expectations.

To explore these challenges, the Connected Audience conference brings together experts and practitioners from the museum and culture sector from around the world to share and discuss cutting-edge thinking and innovative practice in audience research and development.

The main goal of the conference is to examine how audience research and evaluation can support museums and other cultural institutions in gaining a greater understanding of their audiences. By using these tools, institutions will be able to increase participation and better inform their strategic development and overall cultural practice.

The conference will focus on questions such as:

  • How can free-choice learning research support audience development initiatives?
  • How is audience research and evaluation helping to identify individual needs?
  • What does it mean to define target groups beyond demographic segmentation?
  • What are the challenges and barriers to include audience research results in institutional planning and strategic positioning?
  • How should an organisation be aligned so that all departments feel responsible for audience development?
  • How can a fruitful balance be achieved between visitor focus and institutional constraints?
  • What can futurist trend research contribute to new audience development initiatives and how can it help to proactively shape museum policies?

We believe that the discussion of audience development goes way beyond visitor numbers, income generation or funding criteria. More radically it is about a vision to recognise cultural institutions as symbiotic entities that benefit and enrich both institutions and society and make them better places to work and visit. This will ensure that culture will play a major role in the future development of our society.

Conference Design

This 2.5-day international conference will provide inspiring discussions and productive interactions between conference organisers, local museums and cultural institutions, conference participants and facilitators. This approach offers a role model of our vision of how museums can connect with their multiple audiences. There will be a minimum of talking heads and a maximum of participant engagement. We seek to create a facilitating and stimulating atmosphere with a strong dialogical approach. Participants will gain relevant experiences and insight for their professional practice.

Location & Date

Az W – Architekturzentrum Wien (Austrian Museum of Architecture)
Museumsquartier Vienna
Museumplatz 1
1070 Vienna, Austria

September 14 -16, 2017

Start on Thursday, 14. September at 16.00

Finish on Saturday, 16. September at 17.00

Target Group

The conference aims to bring together audience research and evaluation experts, educational academics and practitioners, museum and cultural institution professionals, curators, marketers, educators, managers and directors and anyone who is interested in developing visitor focused institutions. Mid-career professionals are particularly welcome.

Conference Language: English

Conference Fee:

Early Bird:           275€ (till June, 23)

Standard Fee:    340€

The conference fee includes lunches and coffee breaks, drink reception on Thursday, evening reception on Friday and information material.

Maximum Capacity: 150 delegates

Registration & Booking

Terms and Conditions

KulturAgenda has negotiated with a few hotels in the vicinity room contingents – Conference Hotels

Organising Committee

The conference is jointly organized by the Institute for Learning Innovation and KulturAgenda – Institute for Museums, Cultural Enterprises and Audiences.

Programme Development Team

The programme has been jointly developed by

  • Sasha Palmquist, Institute for Learning Innovation, Portland (USA)
  • Pat Munro, Zephyrus, Munich (GER)
  • Renate Goebl, KulturAgenda, Vienna (AUT)
  • Christian Waltl, KulturAgenda, Klagenfurt (AUT)

Cooperation and Venue Partners


Mag. Christian Waltl MA
T: +43 (0)650 5545165